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While perusing the Internet in Internet Explorer v7. The codec needed was not specified by name, and the file to be downloaded was setup. Having granted Windows the appropriate authority to install the file s I observed the progression bar for the codec and "optional components" to which raised my suspicions immediately.

Another Windows Security prompt requested authority to run download.

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As the installation completed, I received a Windows Defender alert that spyware had been installed and the system needed to be rebooted in order to remove it. I closed all APIs and complied with the restart request. Upon restarting, Windows paused and [I believe, but am not for sure] rebooted a second time to complete the cleanup.

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When the Desktop first appeared, several Internet shortcuts were added and labeled "Online Security Guide" and "Security Troubleshooting" respectively. I received a subsequent alert from the System Tray saying that the system needed to be scanned for additional spyware.

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Upon clicking the tls solution solution solution core recenzii, the aforementioned web site opened up offering a free scan. I closed the browser and have not investigated the legitimacy of this offer, nor do I know if the company is endorsed by Microsoft.

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During this passing of time, Windows Defender was apparently loading an update. Once the Desktop [and all the other many shortcuts and gadgets I have] was fully loaded, and error occurred.

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As follows: Window 1: Windows Explorer has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution. Option: Cancel box Windows Explorer is restarting.


The system did not reboot, but the Desktop restarted. This process repeated continuously and indefinitely.

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I found a reference to a similar error [Window 1] some people experienced when accessing Control Panel. Someone successfully performed a System Restore to a date prior to when the problem started. I restored the system to a System: Scheduled Checkpoint date stamped at the end of yesterday's work.

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It resolved the problem completely, and I created a new Checkpoint noting the error in the description. Sidebar: It is worth noting that Vista does not enable System Restore functions by default; it is the user's responsibility to enable it and allocate [the maximum] space to be used.

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