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Client Features: Upcoming Testing 15 iun. Since that release — and for many years! Development on the features is relatively new, beginning in earnest towards the end of last year, but this project will be the fruition of significant time and investment.

Whilst the project is still relatively early in its development, and we have a lot of work ahead, we feel that now is the right time to ask for your help. We want you to try using them, test them out, and give us your feedback!

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This is an exciting moment for us as a team. Of course, this is just the first step in what will be a long process. This blog will tell you everything you need to know at this stage, and we'll be covering any initial questions on Thursday's livestream, as well as adding to the FAQ. It also means that it's going to be really simple for you - our existing players — to pick up and help test the added features. Plus, we think it will be useful to see how the new players coming through Steam use the features.

We are considering some opt-in testing, and if we decide on this we will of course update you accordingly. We want to focus on the quality of the features with a smaller testing base before we distribute the new features more widely.

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We leant on our own experience to identify what we felt was important. This has been coupled with your suggestions over the years.

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We want to focus on feature quality and ample testing rather than quantity. This will allow us to engage with feedback and make changes whilst working on the next milestone, with the ability to refine features in parallel with a steady release schedule. This is a big part of why we updated the settings menu!

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More importantly it will let us cobra strike fat burner recenzii the features directly into the game content and game systems with all information to hand. This means that the features will be highly integrated and responsive, and can use contextually driven information. Building all of this directly into the game means most of it will be present on mobile too. We know this will make a huge difference to those of you who spend a lot of time playing away from your desktop.

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So, without further ado, here's a look at the first milestone we have planned already. And the good news is that it will be with cobra strike fat burner recenzii on Wednesday June 23rd!

Here's a look at what will be coming next week. A look at some of the upcoming features. We'll share more with next week's release! Once the features are out, we'll share the Discord server widely.

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Everybody is welcome! There are a lot of different routes we could take, and we'll do what makes the most sense for the game and for you, the community.

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Right now, our focus is purely on working hard to give players the security and reassurance of an official alternative to existing third-party clients.

Beyond that? We know that our official Old School RuneScape game clients lack modern quality-of-life features.

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Things like visual and audio aids, tracking tools and additional accessibility options. We want to give you an official alternative, one that can reach mobile and be ready for future projects. How can I use the new features?

Eventually the features will make their way to mobile, and then later to desktop outside of Steam. Why isn't there a poll for the features?

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We think the need for these options is clear. In future, additional bespoke features could absolutely be polled. What does this mean for other third-party clients?

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You can continue to use third-party clients that adhere to our guidelines. We wanted to make sure it was deliverable. Why are you favouring RuneLite? RuneLite is the most popular third-party client, so it made sense for us to speak with its developers for a broad insight into what features our players are looking for. I want to test the features.

How can I give feedback?

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Old School RuneScape.